2016 Challenge Questions and Answers

View All ResourcesThe following page lists the answers to common questions, or official interpretations from Central Valley Robotics.  Please submit new questions using the button below: Ask a Question!Ask a Question! Name(required) Email Team Number(s) Question Type(required) Robot Game Judging Other Question(required) Submit Δ Judging Answers and Clarifications 1. Can a team’s project target multiple animals or multiple people? A team’s…
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2016 FIRST LEGO League Challenge Now Available

Today is Global Challenge Release for the 2016 FIRST LEGO League Season: ANIMAL ALLIES! Teams can now access the Official Challenge Materials, including the new Challenge Document and Challenge Guide.  Watch the official release videos below! Don’t forget to attend the 2016 Central Valley Kickoff this weekend! Learn More about the 2016 Challenge!Important Links Download the Challenge Materials!Download the Building Instructions!Attend…
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2016 Challenge Materials and Resources

View All ResourcesDownload the Challenge Documents 2016 Challenge Document (11×17)2016 Challenge Document (A4)View the Challenge Guide!Download the Challenge Guide!Download Mobile Version (2mb) Download Web Version (6mb) Download Print Version (50mb) View the Field Setup Guide!Download the Field Setup GuideDownload Mobile Version (2mb) Download Web Version (6mb) Download Print Version (50mb) 2016 Challenge UpdatesCan’t play the above video? Watch on YouTube…
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2016 Central Valley Kickoff – September 3, 2016

Kickoff Recordings Kickoff Slide Decks and FlyersKickoff InformationKickoff Recordings These videos are provided as a reference. They do not represent official policies or rules and cannot be used to justify actions to tournament officials. Please read the Season Standards Manual and Challenge Documents for official rules at events. Keynote Kickoff Slide Decks and FlyersThe kickoff flyer and slide decks are…
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2016 FIRST LEGO League Online Orientation Seminar

Alternative Links Click Here for a link to the full video on Youtube. Click Here to access the Youtube playlist to watch the Orientation Seminar in segments. Overview Central Valley Robotics formally invites everyone to view our Spring Orientation Seminar for the 2016 FIRST LEGO League Season!  Whether you want to start a team or just want to learn more about…
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