2016 Challenge Questions and Answers

The following page lists the answers to common questions, or official interpretations from Central Valley Robotics.  Please submit new questions using the button below:

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Judging Answers and Clarifications

1. Can a team’s project target multiple animals or multiple people?

A team’s solution may include multiple animals, but FIRST suggests that teams choose a specific animal when identifying a problem. This is because specific problems often lead to solutions that are clearer and more implementable.  Choosing a general category for a problem sometimes leads to general solutions that are too big or expensive to implement (because of trying to solve so many smaller problems all at the same time). Additionally, a team’s solution can also help multiple people.

Robot Game Answers and Clarifications

1. Can the gecko hang from a robot that is hanging from the wall and still score?

A gecko that is fully supported by the robot will be counted as scoring as long as the robot is being fully supported by the wall and only the wall. In this case, both the robot and the gecko will be considered as scoring.

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